The 5 AVES elements for your success, from advice to integration.

beratung 1
Consultation, framework agreement and POEA registration
The first step is a joint consultation with you in order to define the candidate profiles as well as possible. Furthermore, we explain the entire process and determine the timing from recruiting to starting work.
Framework agreement
Together with you, we will define a framework contract for the service to be provided, from which you can easily call up the candidates you need in the future.
POEA registration
We register you as a client with the local authorities in the Philippines (e.g. the Philippines Oversea Employment Agency). Registration is a basic requirement for a successful placement in order to legally protect you and the candidates.
Recruitment, language proficiency test and interview
We recruit suitable candidates based on the jointly defined requirement profiles.
Language proficiency test
To ensure that our candidates successfully complete the language school, we carry out a language aptitude test. With this method we increase the chances of success for our students.
Job Interview
We process the documents for you in a standardized way so that it is easier for you to choose.

  • CV in German
  • Letter of motivation in German
  • Training and employment references
  • Check the information

After positive feedback, we will organize the online interview with you and the candidate.
When you have decided on a candidate, a letter of intent will be signed between you and the candidate.


Language school, online reporting and vocational preparation

language school

The most important element in the process is language training. This takes place in our own language school online and live.

  • Level B2 including B2 exam in the Philippines; alternatively B1 / B2 care or B1 *.
  • Our teachers are all native speakers.
  • During the entire duration of the language training, cultural preparation of the specialist for the work in the target region
  • Intermediate exams after each level as a quality check, 4 exams and 1 simulation exam (A1- B2)

* Certification according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages

Online reporting
We document important KPIs for you, which you can view online for your candidates at any time.

  • presence
  • performance
  • Test results per level (A1-B2)
  • Recommendation for the next level or tutoring if our quality goals are not achieved
Language exams
We organize the TELC or Goethe exams B1, B2 or B1 / B2 care for the candidates. If a candidate does not pass the exam, he has the option of a repeat exam.
Vocational preparation

In order to make the most of the waiting time for the visa, we offer vocational preparation courses and advanced language training in the Philippines.

  • One-month preparatory course for the adaptation measure by medical specialists and German teachers in a hotel
  • Training courses for the new employees “What will we have to do, subject basic care?” “How do we deal with linguistic and technical differences?”. (Basic care, hygiene plan, service instructions, possibly other customer-specific topics)
  • Team building as preparation for the new employer
transfer 1

VISA and transfer to Germany

We take care of the professional translation of the official form for applying for a visa to enter Germany. We do not leave the candidates alone and support them in filling out their applications. The appointment at the German embassy is coordinated by us, as is the organization of the issuing of the visa.
Flight booking
We organize the entry planning in coordination with you and take over the flight booking.
Transfer to the destination
Of course, we will receive the specialist at the airport in Germany and organize the transfer to the specified destination. There we hand over the candidate to you.
Professional recognition, residence permit and integration
Professional recognition

We support you with our partner DeFa:

  • in the search for a suitable preparatory course for the knowledge test and / or an adaptation course in coordination with the responsible state authorities and you.
  • Registration for an adaptation course and the subsequent knowledge test
  • Assistance in compiling the necessary documents for the recognition procedure
  • Organization of the translation of the documents required for recognition by a state-approved translator and assumption of the costs for the translations
  • Mental support during the entire approval process and support with the necessary administrative procedures
  • For the duration of the entire approval process, each specialist has a personal consultant available to answer any questions
residence permit
We take care of the professional translation of the official form (as well as the simple assistance in filling it out) for applying for a long-term residence title that entitles you to work, incl. representation at the foreigners authority.

The success of retaining the new employees in your company in the long term lies in the integration. Here, too, we support you to guarantee a sustainable solution for both employers and employees.

  • Assistance in finding accommodation
  • Support with schematic bureaucratic procedures (registration with the police, opening a bank account, applying for a tax number, etc.)
  • Training for integration mentors in the hospital “What are my tasks?”
  • Support and advice on integration in the new social environment as a contact person for almost all everyday matters (by phone and email) for a time frame of up to 6 months or until recognition
  • Support in networking with existing Filipino communities in Germany
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